Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new postings

I have posted a bunch of new free preschool and kindergarten printables for tracing numbers and matching pictures.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

meeting men

How do other single woman meet men? I have not been on any dates in the 3 years I have been divorced. It is so hard to meet people. I am overweight which does not help my confidence. I have been losing weight, maybe after I lose some more I feel better about my appearance. But I still need to meet someone and go out!!

St. Patrick's Day worksheets and printables

There are FREE St. Patrick's Day worksheet up on
www.lilbunnyhops.com.   They are printables and worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.  I have made some for counting and lower case - upper case activities.  There is a leprechaun, shamrocks, and pot of gold. 
 I will be making connect the dots, tracing worksheets, cards  and more.
Please stop by and pay us a visit.

makes my day

Have you ever had a stranger do something completely unexpected yet very considerate for you? It can make your whole day.

Yesterday as I was walking on of the Seminole County Trails while pushing my daughter in her stroller that is what happened. We were walking on the trail that follows Rinehart. A city or county employee was riding a large riding mower, mowing the grass between the trail and Rinehart. As he would go along, debris would fly up from the mower. He stopped the mower as we got close and wanted for us to pass. I just thought this was the nicest thing. We didn't get sprayed with any of the grass debris from his mower. He actually stopped twice for us.

The beginning...

When my daughter was 2 yrs old, she stopped going to a big daycare. A friend had started providing daycare from her house and we took our daughter there. I was concerned about the preschool curriculum my friend would have available for my daughter. My friend told me that there were websites that offered free printables for preschool children that she could use. She also indicated she would make her own.

My friend's only complaint was that there was not a large variety of free preschool printables available and she would have to search and hunt on the web. This got my curiosity up and I began looking myself. I realized she was right, there are some great free website on the web, but not a lot of variety.

As I looked at the various websites offered, I began to think that this was something I could do. I have been using Paint Shop Pro to make graphics for years. I could make more graphics and create preschool and kindergarten printables for my daughter's use. As I began making printables for my daughter the idea developed that I would start my own website to share the printables I had been making.